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Keep Alive Booster Business Platinum
4,999/month 19,999/month 39,999/month 69,999/month
Bi Monthly Facebook Image Post
Bi Monthly Instagram Image Post
Bi Monthly Twitter Image Post
Bi Monthly Pinterest Image Post
Bi Monthly Facebook Page Story
Bi Monthly Instagram Image Story
One Weekly Facebook Image Post
One Weekly Instagram Image Post
One Weekly Twitter Image Post
One Weekly Pinterest Image Pin
One Weekly Facebook Page Story
One Weekly Instagram Story
Bi-Weekly Facebook Image Post
Bi-Weekly Instagram Image Post
Bi-Weekly Twitter Image Post
Bi-Weekly Pintrest Image Pin
Bi-Weekly Facebook Page Story
Bi-Weekly Instagram Story
One Weekly Facebook Video Post
One Weekly Instagram Video Post
One Weekly Youtube Video Post
Bi-Weekly Youtube Video Post
Bi-Weekly Facebook Video Post
Bi-Weekly Instagram Video Post
Youtube Video Ad
Google Display Ad
Promoted boost of Posts
Facebook followers
Instagram followers
Twitter followers
Pinterest followers
Youtube followers
Google followers
One Monthly Poll at Facebook *
Facebook retargeted Ad
Website landings
SEO Google Ad
Google retargeted Ad
Custom email list
ics calendar event via email
Bulk Email Not Applicable Not Applicable Monthly-2000 Bi-Monthly-2000
SMS Targeting * 30 300 2,000 8,000
Consolidated monthly reach (Approx) 10,000 200,000 500,000 850,000
Website (HTML5/css, Design/Maintain) *
Keywords Optimization
Google Analytics Integration with website
Google Integration for retargeting
Facebook Pixel Integration with website
Facebook Pixel Integration for retargeting
Facebook Shop
Light Text Content Modification
Light Image Content Modification
Light Video Content Modification
Image content enhanced *
Video content enhanced *
Audience Profiling
Location Profiling *
Social account links (with PRETMOTIF)
Advnace Invicing Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Consumption of all services Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Cloud portal access
Total Campaign result
Every campaign report
Google Analytics Monthly report
Facebook Pixel Monthly report
Closed campaigns report
Cloud analytics access
Payment after 7 days

Terms and Conditions

  • No Video or Still Shooting only light animation and graphics
  • SMS will be send via PRETMOTIF sender id
  • Customer can select Pakistan/Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad in booster plan for locatoin profiling
  • Website do not include PHP or Data driven CMS Model
  • Domain and Hosting is not included