Successful email marketing campaign

It’s important to have an email marketing strategy that makes the customers want to open the email and ultimately click through to the website.

Nowadays, subscribers want a personalised experience. According to reports, emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened. It’s not just subject lines, personal shout outs in the main copy can also work well and are simple to do.

It’s imperative to draft a compelling enough subject line to get people to click through.

It’s been somewhat of a tough time for a number of brands over the last 12 months, with many seeing a drop in their subscriber numbers post-GDPR. Remember: your most loyal subscribers are the ones who have stuck by you, continued to engage with your emails and have purchased - so why not show them some love?

Your emails need to be mobile friendly. Most email marketing platforms have now integrated with tools like Litmus which offers email previews across all popular email clients, apps, and devices. This allows you to ensure your HTML emails look good in any format or on any device.

Use a test and learn approach and set clear KPIs and work to those goals. Lastly, make sure you respect your customer data, be clear with the consumer how you will market to them and don’t deliberately make it difficult to unsubscribe.