Targeted Ad connects right person to right product

Targeted adverts are displayed to your potential customers based solely on the actions they have taken on your site, for example if they have visited your checkout or delivery pages. There is no doubt that Facebook Ads have completely changed the way we advertise on the social media platform. However, they are massively difficult to implement and it's quite a task to generate a unique piece of content for each individual advertisement.

Why Is It Important? The Facebook Retargeting Story

Say you were shown a great ad for a one-of-a-kind pajama store. It interested you enough to click through to their website. You browsed and found what were touted as “the most comfortable pair of sweatpants in the world.”

You liked what you saw, but you were on your lunch break and you had to leave the site before you got to check out. That’s O.K. because you probably didn’t need to buy those sweatpants anyway and you have something more important happening at the moment.

Mobile Retargeting is to Easily engage with shoppers on handheld devices

How long would those sweatpants stay in your mind before something else took their place? A day? An hour? Five minutes? They’d likely be forgotten before the end of your work day.

Then imagine you’re online the following day and you see a personalized ad for the same sweatpants. It’s almost as if you were meant to be together. You head back to the website, initiate the checkout procedure, but wait…

Those sweatpants are a little pricey. Better hold off.

The next day goes by and you’re proud of yourself for making a smart financial decision, and then it happens…

The sweatpants are back!

But this time they’re attached to an ad with a discount code that’s JUST FOR YOU.