Youtube Cards

Youtube Cards function by giving you that extra form of interaction with your viewers. And the good news is that the Card can actually work on mobile phones now which is a really big plus since people are using their phones more often.

The Cards have a lot of functions and you can put up to five cards in one video. The cards have six different forms. You have your video, playlist, fan funding, fundraising, associated website as well as merchandise.

Video or Playlist Cards

Videos and playlists are usually your Youtube staples so it’s important to take note on how to use them to your advantage. You, of course, start by selecting the desired video or playlist before making one. Things to remember though is that you can’t custom the Cards so you’ll need to optimize the playlist title to pull it through as well as that linking a video that is actually already within a playlist will immediately be directed on default to the playlist it is in.

Fan Funding Cards

This is actually a new feature that enables your subscribers and supporters to donate a one-off contribution using Google Wallet where Youtube gets a five percent commission as well as a 21-cent service charge (you didn’t honestly think you will get all the donation money, did you). This feature is really useful for those with accounts of good standing and popular with the masses.

So if you’re planning on using this card make sure it is enabled. There is also the option in the settings where a ‘Thank you’ note will appear for the one donating for them to feel some of your appreciation shine through.

Fundraising Cards

This card is great on organized charities and non-profit projects. So if you are planning on organizing one, make sure to use a Youtube approved fundraising site to not only avoid errors but also to keep the donations safe as possible. Also, don’t forget to give your thumbnail that extra compulsion with a great image and of course a good landing page for your campaign. This is where people will get to see a reason why they should support your most noble cause.

Associated Website Cards

The implementation of associated website cards enables the creator to direct the viewer to his or her homepage, official website and/or landing page depending on the objective at hand. If you want to optimize this kind of card, you will need to link off of the desired site or page before you optimize the title that will reel in your curious viewers for more info.

Merchandise Card

And of course, we have a merchandise card for the inner entrepreneur within you. This will aid you in expanding your reach as well as promoting your brand. Just make sure you are using an approved retail site to prevent any unwanted mishaps. You will need to make a landing page with the appropriate product info and some bit of promotions on the side like product reviews and ratings. In addition, aside from the much obvious thumbnail, you will need a good slogan or banner to call your viewers into action.